Meet The Boss Lady of Fashionista Express LLC


My name is Deborah and I'm a wife, mom, and registered nurse who loves everything about beauty, fashion, travel, sales and marketing.  I created Fashionista Express LLC for the social butterfly who is in need of the perfect outfit for the occasion.

I'm so glad you're here.  I offer women's casual "dress for the occasion" and "dress to impress" outfits for the social butterfly who loves to travel, attend brunch and lunch appointments, social and business engagements and looks like a FASHIONISTA.

Our Fashionistas are business-minded, confident, sexy, sensual, and leads a sophisticated lifestyle. But the other side of her is when she's simply relaxing and chillin' and she still looks like a FASHIONISTA.  And if you fit the definition, then you're a Fashionista Express lady! 

Thank you for shopping and supporting my small business.  You're helping me bring another great place to the web for women to shop for quality fashions, reasonable prices and good service.

Check back soon to follow my journey of being an entrepreneur on YouTube!

Much Love,